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Partner -Points North for Construction Industry Fact Sheet

Accounting Support • May 05, 2021
Help simplify your payroll processes with ADP® and Points North.
Partner -Points North for Construction Industry Fact Sheet Partner -Points North for Construction Industry Fact Sheet

Help simplify your payroll processes with ADP® and Points North.

Managing payroll shouldn’t be complicated — not even when prevailing wages and certified payroll reports are involved. Your construction business has unique needs and your HR platform should be flexible enough to match them. That’s where ADP® and Points North come in. Points North’s Certified Payroll Reporting® solution integrates seamlessly with ADP Workforce Now® via APIs, making it easy to pay prevailing wages and file certified payroll reports — without the headache

“Before we had the Points North integration, we were pulling data from three different sources to create our certified payroll report. We had to run reports or print a pay stub, pull hours off time cards, and also get the client data from our ERP system.” Review from: Kelly Littles, Payroll Manager Bay Alarm

If you’re a general contractor, subcontractor or in specialty trades, you have specific needs from your payroll platform, including:

  • Managing multiple projects across cities, states and localities.
  • Tracking pay rates by employee, job classification, project and location.
  • Generating certified payroll reports.
  • Storing and managing fringe rates.
Partner -Points North for Construction Industry Fact Sheet

Timesheet rounding errors cost
businesses $3.7 trillion globally.2

Partner -Points North for Construction Industry Fact Sheet

In 2018, the U.S. Department of Labor Wages & Hours Division collected more than $304 million in back wages.1

When you integrate Points North Certified Payroll Reporting® with ADP, everything you need, to help accurately and easily run payroll and generate certified payroll reports, is right at your fingertips

ADP Workforce Now®

Managing your people has never been easier with ADP’s all-in-one, cloud-based platform. Manage your entire workforce from a single dashboard driven off a single database — so the right information is always where you want it, when you need it. With ADP Workforce Now you can:

  • Get a comprehensive HR suite with payroll, time, HR, talent and benefits all under one roof.
  • Enter data once and watch it work everywhere, pre-populating for you across all workflows.
  • Reduce mistakes with proactive error detection and can’t-miss alerts.
  • Protect your organization with deep compliance expertise, and enterprise grade data security and privacy practices.
  • Integrate time-saving HR apps from ADP and third-party partners like Points North to build a simple, modern HR experience.

Points North Certified Payroll Reporting®

Points North Certified Payroll Reporting is the platform of choice for any contractor or construction company working with prevailing wages. This full-service compliance solution offers:

  • Certified payroll report creation and management: Generate reports — and email them where they need to go — directly from the Points North platform.
  • Payroll integration: works seamlessly with ADP to provide a streamlined reporting process
  • All report formats: Be confident you’re using the most current version of all federal, state and municipal report formats.
  • Rate management: Store and manage prevailing wage rates and fringe data at any level necessary based on your projects, such as the employee, project or work classification

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Get ADP and Points North Certified Payroll Reporting in just a few clicks. Learn more about Points North on ADP Marketplace at

  • If you’re an ADP client, simply purchase Points North Certified Payroll Reporting® from ADP Marketplace. Not an ADP client yet? Contact ADP to get started at 866-480-7544 or request a demo.
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