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We Want to Grow with You

Career Path Development

We know that professional growth is crucial to employee success and happiness. That is why we have developed Career Path opportunities for our roles, giving you insight into what will come next for you in your role at Points North. If you are looking to take the next step, we want to be a vital part of your journey.  

Continuing Education and Certification Assistance

Growth is something that we take a lot of pride in. We believe that when given the opportunity to learn and explore, not only will you find more fulfillment in your career, but you will bring that knowledge and expertise back to your team. We encourage and help fund formal education, certifications, and courses that will help you on your career path at Points North.

Our Core Values

We are Collaborative
We work as a team cross-functionally to achieve our collective goals as a company.
We are Client Centric
We keep our clients’ and partners needs at the forefront - to guide our decisions, development, and overall business strategy.
We are Passionate and Driven
We are passionate and driven to succeed and achieve extraordinary outcomes.
We are Agile
We adapt, deliver consistently, and test our environment to be at a competitive edge.
We Celebrate the Wins, No Matter the Size
 We celebrate the small wins, and the big wins, so that every employee's contribution to the organization is felt and recognized.

What Our Employees Say:

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I was honestly blown away by the onboarding process at Points North. My manager took a ton of time putting together a 30 day, weekly plan for me to learn about the company and our products. The process was extremely low-stress, and I was able to learn so much as I was ramping up. Everyone has been so supportive and is great at taking time to answer questions, teach me something new, or even just chat!

Hannah McWhorter, Senior Marketing Specialist

I was excited but a bit apprehensive taking on a Hybrid position. Not sure how the energy would be without daily face to face interaction, but to my surprise it’s been fantastic. Makes the time we do spend together so rewarding, especially after our big wins. Definitely growing the pie.

Trina Castaneda, Accounts Receivable Specialist

Points North is the best of both worlds, start up mindset with decades of experience backing where we are headed. Strategic growth that makes sense, products that are best-in-class, and people who are fun and keep work exciting. I love feeling part of a community and knowing that I am making actionable difference daily with my team and my colleagues. There is something special about Points North. Our partners feel like part of our community, our clients are integrated into everything we do, and we work as a team to drive our mission forward.

Alise Houserman, Director of Marketing

Working at Points North has been a totally tremendous experience, the welcome I received when I came onboard was beyond comparison. The company culture really incorporates open communication and transparency. The work I do is stimulating and interesting. At the end of the day, I walk away knowing that I make an impact and that is so rewarding. We provide solutions to our clients and partners that make their lives easier and helping them solve challenging problems will never get old! The support I get from my manager and fellow team members is outstanding, questions are welcomed, and you will always get an answer with substance. If you’re looking for a company that is fast growing and agile, you’re looking for Points North.

Nathan Merrier, Implementation Specialist

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