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Looking for a way to save time on attendance compliance?

Looking for a way to save time on attendance compliance?

Attendance Advisor powered by Points North, provides an automated system that guarantees accuracy in managing your attendance policy. With our easy-to-use tool, you can save time and focus on what really matters.

Want easy-to-use software that saves you time?

Outdated systems waste valuable time and money. Our fully automated application instantly logs attendance incidences and guarantees accuracy. When you choose Points North, you won’t have to double-check or reproduce data. Instead, you get:

  • Seamless interface with Time Labor Management software
  • Detailed event notifications of incidences
  • Customized notifications and reports



Attendance Advisor
Customizable Software That Supports Attendance Compliance
Fully Automated
Customizable Notifications And Reports
Provides Access To Your Employees
Easy-to-use Software That Saves You Time

Stress-Free Employee Attendance Tracking Software

Attendance Advisor

Customized to your specifications, Attendance Advisor gives you:


  • Scope to accommodate one site or several
  • Electronic attendance tracking for every employee
  • Automated reward and disciplinary tallies


Attendance Advisor also works with multiple time labor management and payroll applications.

From assessment to installation, we partner with you to ensure all your customer service needs are satisfied. Guaranteed!

Need a customizable software that supports your attendance compliance?

Whether your company has one site or several with rules that vary by location, all your policy details are contained on one system. With one simple automatic upload, data is integrated enabling effortless tracking of attendance exceptions for timely administration of both award and disciplinary actions.

  • Works with points, occurrence and logic based policies
  • Applies perfect attendance awards and rewards
  • Detailed event notifications
Want a system that's fully automated so you don't have to do manual data entry?

Never miss a disciplinary action again! Attendance Advisor works with your attendance software to log daily activity of absences, tardies, and leaves of absence and record attendance incidences. The result is real-time tracking of disciplinary activity facilitating your prompt response to occurrences.

  • Automatically generates warning notifications
  • Real-time warning of disciplinary incidences
Need an employee payroll system that provides you with customizable notifications and reports?

With a click of a mouse produce reports and letters that previously took hours. You’ll avoid penalties and reduce grievances by optimizing employee relations through more effective and accurate communications.

  • Reports configured to company and union specifications
  • Robust reporting features
  • Audit trail capabilities
In need of a system that provides access to your employees?

Your staff can spend far less time tracking down attendance information because every employee can have online access to your  tracking software. Factory workers who can access their own attendance information have demonstrated better attendance than those who don't.

  • Employees, supervisors and administrators see only the appropropriate information
  • Eliminates HR staff interruptions
  • Communicates timely information to all employee

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"We have a very complicated attendance policy at our Kentucky distillery. Points North worked hand-in-hand with us to develop an integrated solution. Monthly attendance reporting prior to this solution took us eight hours. Today it is a matter of running the attendance report."
Jim Beam Distilling Co. Clermont, KY
"The Attendance Advisor has saved time. I do not miss the manual recording of the attendance. Attendance records are updated earlier than before. Therefore, the warnings are issued to employees sooner. I like everything about the program." I would not want to ever go back to the old way."
HCC Inc. Mendota, IL