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How to Get Field Crews on Board with Your New Construction Software

Accounting Support • Apr 14, 2021
Introducing construction software at your company is exciting—it can also be quite challenging. Adjusting to new workflows isn’t easy, but there are ways to bring your field crews on board and streamline their work wi

Introducing construction software at your company is exciting—it can also be quite challenging. Adjusting to new workflows isn’t easy, but there are ways to bring your field crews on board and streamline their work with technology.

Here are four tips to get your field crews excited about new construction software.


1. Involve your field crews from the start

Your new construction software won’t just affect the office. After all, your field crews will be the ones using it to log important jobsite data. That’s why it’s important to bring your crews into the decision-making process early.

First, be transparent about why your company is interested in construction software. Explain how you’ll be able to streamline workflows to help everyone (including field crews) do their jobs better. Which, ultimately, will get them home faster, too.

Before your search, ask your crews questions like:

  • How are your current workflows? What can be improved?
  • What concerns do you have about using software?
  • What are three must-haves for your software?

By identifying your crews’ needs early on, you can better understand where they’re coming from. That makes it easier to find a solution (or a few) that works for everyone—and increases the chance your software will stick.

Addressing their concerns will also help nurture the field-office relationship. Meaning better communication and projects in the future.

2. Choose software that’s easy to use

Construction technology can be intimidating—especially if it has a lot of complex features. Extra bells and whistles are tempting. However, at the end of the day, everyone just wants something that works.

Easy-to-use software is the goal. Why? Because the easier software is to use, the more likely it is your crews will pick it up. And the faster crews start using it, the sooner they’ll see its value. 

Sometimes, construction software (like Raken) even comes with a field app. Your teams will see first-hand just how much time and effort they’re saving when they can fill out their daily reports and safety checklists—right from their phones. 

Once your field crews realize how easy it is to use the new software, they’ll be more excited to try it out on all your projects. That way, productivity improves and you get more visibility across your jobsites. Better field data, better projects. Everyone’s happy.

Choose software that’s easy to use

3. Offer trainings and other educational resources

Like mentioned before, the faster your crews can understand your new software, the better. While that starts with choosing easy-to-use software, it’s also critical to onboard your teams effectively. 

Look for construction tech with low implementation time and a personalized onboarding experience. Choose a software company that will actively support you through the whole process. (Good customer service is key.) That way, all your concerns are properly addressed.

Also, make sure to work with crews directly to build their confidence with the product. Offer trainings and other resources (like office hours) so they can get their questions answered. This will help ease them into new workflows—so they won’t feel rushed or overwhelmed to catch up.

4. Follow up often to get their feedback (and adjust accordingly)

Your software journey doesn’t end when you fully implement it. In fact, that’s only the beginning.

Software may look promising at first, but it’s important to check in with your crews regularly to see how things are going. How are they liking the software (or not)? 

Like when you first started exploring your options, let field crews openly ask questions and express their concerns. Then, assure them their feedback is taken seriously—and write down their suggestions. Look for ways to improve the process and make work more efficient.

Involving your field crews throughout the process is key to bringing them on board with your new software. Let them know their opinions matter. You’ll build better trust among your teams—and make better projects together, too.

Follow up often to get their feedback

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