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How Data Aggregation Software Can Benefit Your Construction Business

Accounting Support • Mar 04, 2022
Organization is a crucial issue for any construction business. It extends to every branch of your operation, ranging from your worksites to your data gathering. An
How Data Aggregation Software Can Benefit Your Construction Business

Organization is a crucial issue for any construction business. It extends to every branch of your operation, ranging from your worksites to your data gathering. An organization with organized data will function much better than one with scattered data.

But, maintaining that organization can be a challenge. Sometimes things come up that hinder you from managing your data well. When that happens, it's a challenge to get everything organized again.

Fortunately, you don't have to organize your business alone. New technologies have made it easier than ever to sort your company's data.

In particular, data aggregation systems can help businesses pull their systems together. What is aggregate data, you ask?

Data aggregation tools collect, search, and present raw data in comprehensible formats. Generally, these systems compile the data into a report-style format. The system can pull this information from one source or several. 

You can use these systems to create a better-ordered construction business. As you organize your data, you can free up more time to focus on your construction projects.

If that sounds appealing to you, keep reading! We'll explore ways these systems can benefit you in the guide below.

What Data Aggregation Companies Can Offer

Data aggregation has wide-reaching consequences in your business. It extends to several aspects of your employee's data, including ACA reporting, benefit eligibility, and benefits enrollment. Unfortunately, they also cause significant frustration for employers with multiple locations.

Fortunately, data aggregation software can make this much more manageable. Various software solutions can consolidate and automate your employee data. Our Who's Where software provides excellent benefits in this way.

For example, we offer multiple location tracking features to help centralize your data. This way, all of your employee data from the different sites consolidate into a single source.

Your data aggregation also monitors other employee data. For example, this system can monitor whether your employees qualify for the Affordable Care Act eligibility

These systems can also monitor other aspects of company data. These include charitable contributions made by your business.

What Does Aggregate Data Mean for Your Payroll

One critical way data aggregation tools can benefit your company is in simplifying your payroll. This service especially helps construction companies that perform work for government contracts.

Whether you work on projects at the local, state, or federal level, the government requires you to submit certified payroll reports. This task becomes much more challenging with disorganized payroll information.

Many people have scattered payroll files. Sometimes, they hold onto out-of-date information, allowing clutter to build in their system.

Fortunately, there's a solution. You can use our Certified Payroll Reporting software to gather your payroll data. 

This system has several benefits for your construction company, including:

  • Increased report accuracy
  • Eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Saving time and increasing accessibility
  • Improving the corporate bottom line
  • Includes fringe benefit reporting
  • Includes compliance statement and No Work Report

This system gathers all of your payroll information into a single place and compiles that information into a report. This entire process takes mere minutes to complete.

From there, you can email your certified report to anybody who needs it. Whether you send the report to your government employer or a colleague, you can send the report straight from your account.

You can also create an email distribution list for each of your projects. This email list can accommodate different contacts with various reports within your project.

Improving Salary Allocation

Data aggregation software can benefit you by tracking hours by project or cost center. Once again, we offer a software solution that can make this task easier. 

Our salary allocation captures information from both exempt and non-exempt salaried employees for accurate resource costs. This straightforward software solution can provide employees with a way to allocate hours towards cost centers, grants, and projects.

This software has several benefits for your construction company. Most notably, it makes your salary allocation process much more efficient. However, it also provides other advantages, such as:

  • Providing increased visibility for employee resource fees
  • Increased insight on salaried employee time for both exempt and non-exempt 
  • Save time by automating your salary allocation

This aggregated data collection can make your payroll much easier to manage. Fortunately, it also pairs with your payroll software to make your system even more efficient. 

Monitoring Workplace Attendance

Running multiple worksites makes keeping up with attendance a challenge. Manually logging each person is a time-consuming and dull task. Yet, companies have to know where their workers are and who has access to their job sites.

Fortunately, several systems can automate your attendance monitoring. Our Attendance Advisor package can help you develop a more organized attendance system. 

This system instantly logs your worksite attendance and ensures accuracy through its automated system. Attendance Advisor provides other features to enhance your experience with the system, including:

  • Software customization to support attendance compliance
  • Customizable notifications and reports
  • Provide access to workers across your jobsites
  • User-friendly interface to save you time

Finally, you can integrate this system with your time labor management and payroll applications. This way, you can map all of your data through a single system and ensure greater efficiency. 

Finding the Best Data Aggregation System

Data aggregation can have several benefits for construction companies. With these systems, you can store all your data in a single location and simplify your data storage.

Likewise, these systems can organize this data into quick and accessible reports. This way, you can provide this information to your employers and colleagues whenever necessary.

We at Points North believe we have one of the best data aggregation systems on the market. Thousands of companies across the US use our system, and we're happy to report their satisfaction.

So, if you believe our systems can help your business, don't hesitate! Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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