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Construction Industry Trends: How Will Construction Change in 2022?

Accounting Support • Jan 17, 2022
Did you know that construction contractors only spend about 2 percent of their budget on IT? This failure to invest in the technology of the future is about to change. More

Did you know that construction contractors only spend about 2 percent of their budget on IT? This failure to invest in the technology of the future is about to change. More construction industry experts predict that innovation is coming.

In 2022, the construction industry is poised for improvements, but what should you, as a business leader, be looking for? Read on to learn what the latest construction industry news and trends are so you can invest wisely.

Construction Industry News: Protective Equipment

In 2022, the focus will be on safety. The pandemic affected the construction industry dramatically. It has required updated guidelines and safety protocols, but all safety concerns need addressing.

This year, wearable innovations will be important. Work boots that connect to WiFi and can send an alert if someone has fallen are one innovation. Robots can also transport hazardous materials and prepare scaffolding that is precise and safe. There are headsets available that can also reduce noise pollution for the workers.

Going beyond wearables, robots will have an impact on safety. Environmental sensors can alert construction workers about wind, noise, and heat at construction sites. They can also alert them to evacuation requirements and ensure that all equipment is stored safely. 

In 2022, there will also be a focus on creating better PPE for women. Women struggle to use standard-issue safety equipment, putting them at risk.

Compliance and Project Management Software

There is also a growing focus on software that makes completing a government funded project more efficient.

Using Certified payroll reporting software is a trend that construction companies who perform work for government customers. This is whether they do so at the state, federal, or local level. Certified payroll reporting allows you to account for everything you paid workers on a government contract.

In a few minutes, you can generate a report that is much more accurate and that the government can view and understand with ease.

Project management software allows a construction company to offer transparency, efficiency, and accountability. You can have real-time communication and trackability of the project.

Increased Efficiency With Technology

Having efficient technology is another construction industry trend to watch for in 2022. Smart contracts are one of the focuses. Blockchain technology leads by boosting communication and efficiency for high productivity.

Construction Drones

The use of drones in the construction industry is a constantly growing trend. Drones can help map large areas over long distances, which allows them to create thermal images and heat maps. Since drones offer information in real-time, you will have actionable data you can use to make fast decisions.

Drones can also help with preventing injuries by scaling tall structures and similar activities.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality means making wearable technology easier. It allows for 3D visualizations of projects and automated measuring of buildings. Hazards simulations and simulations of structural changes to a project are other options it offers.

For clients, augmented reality means being able to see their projects.

Building Information Modeling (BMI)

BMI lets you generate computer renderings of buildings and utilities. It makes it easier to create prefabricated parts, which increases efficiency.


Concerns with sustainability have prompted the construction industry to create green procedures. The focus will be on materials that are sustainable and on creating buildings that offer carbon neutrality.

Tax credits for helping the environment are an incentive that more construction companies are taking advantage of. It will only increase in 2022.

Modular and Prefabricated Construction

The modular and prefab construction sector is looking to increase in 2022. New technology has made it easier to create larger modular parts. Prefab construction makes it possible for employers to regulate safety.

3D printing is also fueling modular and prefabricated construction. Entire neighborhoods of 3D printed homes are appearing and it is a trend that will only increase. Engineers have even created a 3D printer that can print asphalt.

Smart Cities

Construction companies are also focusing on creating smart cities. These cities tend to be more intricate and highly interconnected. All of it requires serious planning and development.

Smart cities range anywhere from $10 billion to $100 billion. They can influence the economy and improve the infrastructure.

They are high-tech cities that connect people, data, and city elements. This leads to improvements in a city's eco-friendliness, the citizens' quality of life, and the city's economy.

Smart cities have an emphasis on public transportation. Public transportation offers a challenge to the construction industry. They will need to create sensors to track accidents or the need for more buses or trains and more.

New Construction Materials

In 2022, there will also be a focus on using new materials that can be more sustainable and can reduce material costs. One option that more companies are incorporating into their designs is bendable concrete.

Engineered timber is another material option to consider. It is made by bonding different types of softwood and is strong enough t replace steel and concrete.

Recycled materials are already impacting the industry. Companies are building entire structures from them. 3D printed materials are the next step in the construction industry.

They allow companies to build walls, floors, and everything else they need.

Turn To Efficient Software

One of the most important construction industry news you can turn to is certified payroll reporting. It is the easiest way to maximize efficiency. At Points North, we can help you find the solutions you need, no matter what challenges your business faces.

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