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A review of our Innovative Software Solutions

Accounting Support • Jun 17, 2020
Points North offers innovative software solutions for ACA and EEOC Compliance, Record Keep Remittance, Certified Payroll, Job Costing and Data Aggregation. Learn

Learn about Points North Innovative Software Solutions below.

Innovative Software Solutions

As an employer, tracking benefit eligibility is extremely important especially if you want to avoid ACA penalties. Given the intensive and complex nature of the process, there is a need for a system that is simplifies the job and is easy to undertake. Our workforces are becoming increasingly diverse and in order to cater to their needs, employers need to be offering varying benefit plans.

Employer plan rules may not be the same as Affordable Care Act rules you may have to manage the same information in different ways. 

In terms of ACA reporting, we know that employers are concerned about compliance. This is where we come in. Not only are all regulations and compliance rules built into our system, we also simplify the reporting process.

Certified Payroll & Job Costing

With our simple, user-friendly interface generating payroll reports has never been so easy. Our software offers online report access and storage, so you can easily generate reports.

For projects that are publicly-funded or backed by the government, contractors and subcontractors have to submit a certified payroll. A certified payroll typically mentions the number of employees working on the project, their wages, the benefits they are entitled to, and the type of work they do.

If you’re a construction company that has won a bid, it is imperative to understand how a certified payroll works and how to put it together. The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 makes it mandatory for contractors to comply with certain rules in order to avoid penalties. We take risk out of the equation with our simple software solution

ACA Tracking & Reporting

You can rest easy knowing all regulations and tracking rules associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are built into our system — taking the worry and the complexity out of ACA reporting. You can rest easy knowing all regulations and tracking rules associated with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are built into our system — taking the worry and the complexity out of ACA reporting.

Measurement periods, safe harbor rules, service breaks and special leaves, change in status, variable-hour positions, employees working in multiple locations and other employment situations create a complicated and often confusing process that we'll simplify in three steps. ACA reporting is here to stay.

Record Keeper Data Aggregation

The first step of reporting is to aggregate your payroll data. This includes calculation of employee benefits, benefit contribution funding, number of workers employed, their tracking and ACA reporting. If you have more than one payroll system, you must know how much of a hassle it is to consolidate all the data in one place. We help you in processing time data, storing and managing prevailing wage rates, the associated fringe benefits and the complex calculations that come with it.

Data aggregation, and benefits eligibility tool that offers the quickest and most accurate results. We will do all the work to get data for each one of your locations, regardless of the payroll system of each location. Our team works with your payroll provider(s) directly to obtain the data elements to transfer into our platform. Then, the Who’s Where team works with each individual location on organizing the data. We will set up recurring reports that will make the process easier to manage. At the administrator level, you can focus on management and high-level status, while we work with your local teams to ensure they are executing their required tasks.

If you’re a construction company that has won a bid, it is imperative to understand how a certified payroll works and how to put it together. The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 makes it mandatory for contractors to comply with certain rules or risk penalties.

Other Solutions

  • Rate Management

If you have unlimited number of projects and managing prevailing wage for all of them a hassle, we can help you with its organization and storage. Just import prevailing wage rates and fringe benefits in our system and all data will be managed by factors such as a particular project, work classification and employee. 

  • Time Data Management 

Our job costing solution can help you keep track of total work hours and work classification. All you have to do is export your time data that is easily downloadable in our system and we will let you know the correct prevailing wage for each employee.

  • Custom Calculation and its management

All workplaces are different and may have custom requirements. We take your unique needs into account and analyze them into our platform. This eliminates the need for spreadsheets and saves you time.

  • Calculation of Total Work Output

We allow you to combine daily hours of service, prevailing wage and fringe benefits with work classification. This eases the total work output calculation and ensures that your payroll is accurate and is processed in a timely manner. 

Reconciliation and Invoicing Procedure

When you are managing data and your workforce is distributed, you may struggle to reconcile employee and employer benefit plan contributions. We simplify it and give you a one-click process so that you are in compliance with all regulations and benefit premium payments.

Attendance Advisor

We have an attendance system that provides segregated information to employees based on their employment level and where they stand in the workforce hierarchy. Our data is reliable and you don’t have to deal with manual data tabulation and waste time. Providing you with an automated system that guarantees accuracy in managing your points-based attendance policy. With our easy to use system, you can save time and focus on what matters.

Since the system is automated, the chances of error are next to none and you will be safe from employee grievances. If you'd like more information about our custom software solutions please click here to reach out to us today.

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