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Share updates straight from the jobsite using photos, videos, and notes documenting project progress.

Keep track of productivity with tools for logging labor hours, materials installed, and heavy equipment used.

Maintain safety compliance with bulk scheduling tools, digital sign-in sheets, and a library of toolbox talks.

Gain visibility into the field with real-time insights to ensure projects are on-time and on-budget.


Connect all your management systems with Raken’s large (and growing) list of integrations.

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Who We Are

At Raken, we believe that faster, better reporting will improve the working lives of nearly 10% of the US labor force (the percentage of people currently working in construction). Our founder noticed a common problem in construction: most software was built for the office and was too complex to be used by the field. By creating a tool built for the end-user, Raken helps turn the worst part of their day—filling out daily reports for the office—into the easiest.


Construction management software your team will (actually) love to use.

Raken provides mobile-first technology to streamline field workflows for the construction industry. Raken's digital toolbox saves superintendents time by allowing them to capture daily reports, time cards, toolbox talks, photos and production tracking directly from the field with an easy-to-use mobile app. Users leverage Raken on a daily basis, which aggregates their data into branded reports, real-time dashboards and data insights that improve the flow of information from the field to the office. Additionally, daily reports from various subcontractors are automatically compiled into a Super Daily, providing general contractors with a single, standardized record of the day's events. Raken's field reporting helps construction companies reduce risk, manage budgets, and improve their bottom line.


Hensel Phelps, Swinerton Renewable Energy, Sundt, John W. Danforth, Broadway Mechanical and thousands of the world’s top general contracting and subcontracting firms use Raken for their field reporting needs. To find out more, visit www.rakenapp.com or call 866-438-0646.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get better construction jobsite data?

The quality of your jobsite data starts where that data is created: in the field. Historically, the construction industry operated using pen and paper for all of their jobsite documentation and communication. This leaves a lot of room for error if vital information about a project is missing, hard to read, or takes too much time to transcribe and pass to the necessary parties. 

By making it easy to digitally record everything about a project while a superintendent is walking the jobsite throughout their day, companies will have stored historical data that they can use for their next bid on a future project. Better jobsite data means taking the guesswork out and having the insights to make better business decisions.

Why should I use construction technology for the field?

Construction technology tools like Raken make it easy for companies to digitally record and store important information like their daily reports, time cards, materials logs, and safety meeting sign-in sheets. Instead of digging around for loose papers or relying on their field crews’ memory of what happened each day, construction companies can have proper documentation that’s searchable and has a clear record of what work was completed. This not only helps streamline communication and save workers time, it also helps protect the company in case of litigation.

What makes a good daily report?

The ideal construction daily report is one that thoroughly communicates everything that happened on a jobsite, and flags any potential issues or delays as they occur so the back office knows the whole story. A daily report that’s digital and has the contractor’s brand will help the company look more professional and provide the proper documentation to mitigate potential liabilities. 

A good daily report should have the day’s weather and any impacts it had on project progress, as well as a checklist of any additional protocols or necessary actions needed to ensure a safe and productive site. Embedded progress pictures that are time and date-stamped help show what work was completed, along with descriptions of what was installed or built that day. Reports should also include all the crews that came on-site with detailed hours worked to help streamline payroll and project billing. If any accidents or incidents occurred, a daily report should include all the necessary information about the cause and steps taken to rectify the problem.

What if my field crew isn’t tech savvy?

Finding a tool that’s easy to use is the most important factor to helping field crews of all ages and technical abilities be able to succeed. If it’s too hard to use or takes too long to set up, they won’t adopt it (and you risk wasting your investment). Raken was created to be so easy to use that any team member could pick it up and start creating a daily report. Once they see the value of how simple it is and how much time they’ll save, your field crews will use it consistently—which means your back office will start receiving better communication and jobsite data every day.

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