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benefits of integrating with

CLOCK SHARK and Points North

Make Certified Payroll painless with this powerful integration


Points North takes your payroll data and helps ensure your certified payroll reports are accurate and compliant. By combining their expertise with the accurate data collected through ClockShark’s mobile time tracking, your certified payroll reports will be a snap!

Automate Your Processes

Certified Payroll requires you to have an accurate report of employee classifications, hours worked, and many other specific data. Points North Certified Payroll Reporting® imports employee data, hours, and rate by project and job category directly from your payroll system, and your time from Clockshark. This will improve your ability to provide accurate, compliant certified payroll reports.

ClockShark is a mobile time tracking solution that helps you track employee time on the job and task, down to the minute. You’ll know if it was regular, overtime, or double time before sending it to Points North’s system. 

With this partnership, you’re able to both automate time tracking and streamline the entire certified payroll process.


Clock Shark Partner
Clock Shark Partner

Simplify Reporting and
Stay Compliant

ClockShark has many different ways to run various reports, based on your needs. With these reports, you can speed up processes like payroll, improve job costing, identify where resources are going, and make Certified Payroll more accurate.

The accuracy of mobile time tracking means your certified payroll reports will be accurate, too, so you can stay compliant.

Clock Shark Partner

Save Time and Money

When you combine Points North Certified Payroll Reporting with ClockShark, you can spend less time on manual entry (and have a lower risk of mistakes) and send certified payroll reports via email directly from the platform. This means more time on getting things done and growing your business.


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