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Salary Advisor
Salary Advisor

Salary Allocation Made Easy

Capture salary allocation information from exempt or non-exempt salaried employees for accurate employee resource costs with Salary Advisor, Points North’s employee time allocation software.

Easy-to-Use Employee Time Allocation Software

Salary Advisor has an easy-to-use interface that allows exempt or non-exempt salaried employees to allocate their hours toward individual projects, cost centers, and grants.

Salary Allocation and Administration Made Easy

Salary Advisor will help you:

  • Streamline the salary allocation process
  • Provide visibility to employee resource costs
  • Gain insight into exempt and non-exempt salaried employee time
  • Save time that would otherwise be spent allocating data manually

Simple & Powerful Salary Allocation Solutions

Accurate Planning
Gain insight to the employee resource cost for projects, cost centers or grants.
Efficient Project Management
Increase accuracy for project costs and reduce the time needed to gain insight into exempt and non-exempt salaried employee costs.
Practical Reporting
Generate a file that contains time allocations for all exempt and non-exempt salaried employees each pay period.
Salary Advisor

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