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“Our diocese is small, rural, and spread over a large geographical area. Some of the challenges of these dynamics have been resolved by our business relationship with Who’s Where and it has been a ‘game changer’ for our office!

We now have a centralized location to track all of the employees working in the parishes and schools in our diocese. This allows us to easily track employee status, hours, and benefit eligibility. In addition, we are able to invoice and collect benefit premium payments in real time, saving us time, paper and dollars!

The ACA Reporting process created by Who’s Where is intuitive and easy to use. The real-time updates and ability to track ACA eligibility easily and quickly throughout the year help to ease the burden of the ACA process.

The customer service is second to none, with quick response times and more importantly their desire to be innovative and forward thinking. Thank you...job well done!”
Twila Roman, HR Director, Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD
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